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Refuse Collection Service Guide

 Information about the homeowner refuse service franchise program:

Refuse Franchising Benefits

  • Refuse collection rates reduced for most residents
    Refuse collection costs are most affected by transportation, equipment and labor costs. With only one hauler stopping at every residence, route efficiency improves for the hauler and this is reflected in lower service rates.
  • Reduced truck traffic and impact on village roads
    Truck traffic can be greatly reduced by establishing a franchise with one hauler. Fewer trucks traveling miles on Village roads significantly reduces damage to the roads, thereby reducing street maintenance costs for the village.
  • Service rates are reduced and service options increased
    Municipalities who decide to franchise refuse collection for single-family households are able to request increased levels and types of service for all residents while overall lowering the cost of such services.
  • Village funds can be redirected to other areas
    Less road maintenance means more funding will be available to serve Village residents in other ways.

Green Oaks’ Refuse Service Provider

Groot Industries, Inc. is the refuse provider that serves the residential accounts in the Village. They currently provide refuse service for more than half of our residents and have excellent service reputation.

Under the current franchise contract, residents may select from the refuse service levels as noted below, and may opt for one of two landscaping waste services. Fall leaf collection is provided by the Village. Recycling collection for single-family households is included in the monthly fee. Landscape waste service is available by seasonal subscription or on an as-needed basis by sticker.

Groot Industries, Inc. will send out service selection forms following passage of the franchise ordinance.

Service Level Option Pricing & Description

Residents have several service level options to choose from. All options include unlimited recycling, described in this guide.

Service Description

2022 Rate

(Effective Jan. 1, 2022)

2021 Rate
Curb Unlimited Service $25.36 $24.38
Senior Unlimited Service $22.82 $21.94
Curb Limited Service $21.41 $20.59
Senior Curb Limited Service $19.27 $18.53
Recycling Only Service $7.33 $7.05
Refuse Collection Tag $3.57 $3.43
Landscape Waste Annual Subscription $155.00 $150.00
Landscape Waste Collection Tag $2.60 $2.55
Fall Leaf Collection No Charge No Charge


Curb Unlimited Service

  • Unlimited collection of regular refuse in bags or containers of residents choice.

Curb Limited Service

  • All materials must be placed in a 95 gallon covered container, provided by hauler. Additional materials may be placed in a bag or container (32 gals. Or less) and affix with a pre-paid tag.

Tag Service

  • Resident must purchase tags locally and affix them to all refuse bags or containers. Bags and containers may be no more than 32 gallons.

Waste Collection Days & Time

Waste will be picked up, as assigned on Monday or Wednesday, beginning at 7 a.m. Recyclables are picked up separately from regular garbage. Waste may not be set at the curb more than 12 hours prior to collection.

Curbside Recycling Service

Residents can set out an unlimited amount of recyclable materials weekly on the same day as garbage collection. The charge for this service is included in all service level options.

Landscape Waste Service Options

Landscape waste (LSW) service is offered at two levels. The hauler will provide LSW collection once a week from April 1 through November 30. For both service options, twigs and branches less than 4″ around and no larger than 4″ in length/60 lbs, must be bundled with twine and placed next to bagged/containerized LSW.

LSW Bag Tag Service

One pre-paid sticker per bag. Biodegradable paper bags and bag tags for landscape waste will be available at area stores

Fall Leaf Collection

Fall leaf collection will be provided at no cost to residents on Saturdays, beginning mid-October and concluding thru the end of November. Dates for will be announced once received.  Leaves only may be raked out to the ditch/curb line for removal during this time frame.

Bulk Item Service

Residents are allowed to place one bulk item per week at the curb for regular collection. Bulk items include small pieces of furniture, small electrical appliances, etc. All items set out for bulk pickup must be 60 lbs. or less.

Special Pick-Ups

Items not covered under regular refuse collection and bulk item service require a special pick-up. Residents with items such as white goods, auto parts, building materials, heavy appliances, etc. must contact Groot Industries, Inc. to make price and collection arrangements.