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Economic Development

Economic Development Commission Mission Statement

The mission of the Green Oaks, Illinois Economic Development Commission (herein after referred to as the “Commission”, is to improve the economic environment of Green Oaks. The Commission shall undertake this responsibility by vigorously pursuing the following overall goals:
  1. Implement programs that will increase the quality of employment by assuring a sound, diversified economic base. Assist in the expansion and creation of job opportunities.
  2. Improve the quality of life by working to assure cultural, aesthetic, residential, and recreational opportunities of the highest caliber. Ensure that the quality of life remains as an integral part in the measure of Green Oaks, as a place to do business, over the long view.

The objectives necessary to implement the mission statement are to:

  1. Assist existing industries in finding the resources needed for expansion by providing information regarding financing programs, job training programs, existing site and development opportunities, and demographics.
  2. Assist industry by providing information relating to markets, both new and expanding
  3. Create new job opportunities by implementing programs which will attract and develop new business or expanding existing business.
  4. Attract new industries by innovative and aggressive marketing of Green Oaks.

The Commission incorporates the following goals which are compatible with the comprehensive plan of the Village:

  • A balanced land use mix that produces adequate commercial, retail, and industrial revenues to offset the cost of providing needed services.
  • An increase in the total number of jobs in relation to the Village population
  • Encourage the location of jobs near existing labor pools and public facilities

The Commission pursues these goals within a “forum” environment. The Commission is composed of members who provide a diverse range of expertise and opinion for formulating policies and plans.

The Commission assumes and accepts its role to advise the members of the Village Board by creating and recommending policy and plans for consideration. Upon acceptance by the Village Board the Commission shall, with the aid of staff and other groups, implement the adopted policy.
Finally, the Commission acknowledges the premise that supporting all the Village economic development goals can only be achieved through consideration of the human element. People are the creative force that will move Green Oaks’ economy forward. We must insure that our policies and plans are sensitive to their needs and aspirations.

Completed Projects within the Village and TIF District:

  • The Sheridan Senior Living
  • Spectrum Senior Living
  • Northshore Care
  • Baker Road Reconstruction
  • Sanitary Sewer Televising
  • Annexation of UHaul
  • Bradley Road & Rt 176 Intersection/Extension for North Bradley Road