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1. What are the Office Hours for the Village of Green Oaks Administrative Office?
9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. Administrative Office – 2020 O’Plaine Rd, Building Department Office hours: 11:00am – 12:00 P.M. Monday & Wednesday Voice Mail 847-362-0190 (24 hours a day)
2. How can I reach the Village by phone or FAX?
Phone Number: 847-362-5363 Fax number: 847-362-5375
3. Do I need a Village Vehicle Sticker and where can I get one?
Yes, vehicle stickers can be purchased at the Administrative Office located at 2020 O’Plaine Road. Stickers may be purchased for $40 per vehicle, Senior rate is $10 and Student rate is $20 prior to June 30th.
4. Where can I register to vote?
For your convenience, the nearest location is the Libertyville Township Office located at 359 Merrill Court, Libertyville, IL and the phone number is 847-816-6800.
5. When do I need a building permit and how can I apply for one?
Building permits are required when performing the following changes: 1. Any structural changes to your building 2. Fences (cannot be higher than 7 feet) 3. Sprinkler systems 4. Asphalt driveways or replacements 5. Re-roofing of your building 6. Decks or sheds 7. Detached garages. Check with the Village Building Commissioner if your improvement is not listed. This inquiry may be done by email if you wish by emailing your questions to [email protected]. * Please note that a $5,000 letter of credit or cashier’s check is required for any heavy equipment brought onto village roads.
6. Am I allowed to burn leaves in the Village?
No. Burning leaves is prohibited within the Village of Green Oaks. A special burn permit must be filled out to burn sticks and twigs. This can be obtained at the Village Administrative Office located at 2020 O’Plaine Road. There is no cost for this permit.
7. Who do I contact for garbage pickup?
The Village has a contract with Groot Industries, Inc. Homeowners may contact this service provider directly at 847-566-5159. Program rates are detailed below:
  • Unlimited Curb Service is $23.90 per month
  • Senior Unlimited Curb Service is $21.51 per month
  • Limited Curb Service is $20.19 per month
  • Senior Limited Curb Service is $18.17
  • Recycling Only Service is $6.91 per month
  • Refuse Sticker Service is $3.36 per month
  • Yardwaste Annual Subscription is $145.00 per month
  • Landscape Collection Tag is $2.50 per month

Contact Groot Industries for all of the available service options provided to Green Oaks residents.

8. Where can I get a street map of the village?
The village presently does not have a detailed street map. Zoning maps are available through the Village Administrative Offices
9. Where can I stay in the area?
Local hotels are available in Libertyville and Lake Bluff.
10. Who can I talk to about my property taxes?
Ms. Peggy Freese – Libertyville Township Assessor 847-362-5900.
11. Do I need a village license for my dog or cat?
No, however, dogs and cats are required to be licensed through the county. For licensee information contact the Animal Control department – 29278 N. Rt. 83 or phone number 949-9925 or your local veterinarian.
12. Are there any restrictions for watering my lawn?
No restrictions at this time.
13. Is there any Pace Bus Service in the area?
Yes, for senior citizens and the disabled – phone # for information is 847-223-9412.
14. Who do I call regarding my water or sewer bills?
You may contact the Village Administrative Office at 847-362-5363
15. Does the Village of Green Oaks encourage recycling?
Yes, the Village encourages recycling.
16. What are the directions to the Village Administrative Offices?
The Village Hall is located on the corner of Rt 137 and O’Plaine Rd., which is west of the tollroad and east of St. Mary’s Rd.
17. Where are Village meetings conducted?
All village meetings are held in the Village Hall located at the southeast corner of Buckley Rd. (Rt. 137) and O’Plaine Rd. Scheduled meetings during the month:
  • Committee of the Whole meeting is the 1st Wednesday directly after the TIF Committee meetings
  • Committee of the Whole meeting is the 3rd Wednesday – 7:30pm
  • Regular Board meetings are the 4th Wednesday – 7:30pm
  • Plan Commission meetings are the 2nd Wednesday – 7:30pm
  • Zoning Board of appeals meet as needed – 7:30pm
  • TIF Committee meetings are the 1st Wednesday – 7:30pm