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FOIA Request

Freedom of Information Act Requests

How do I submit a FOAI?
The Village of Green Oaks has a FOIA Request Application (Click Here) to be submitted. It is best to be as specific as possible while completing the form. Please make note if you would like the information as a paper copy or an electronic copy.

What happens once the FOIA Request is submitted?
All requests are processed in the order which they come in. The Village of Green Oaks has up to five (5) business days to respond to your request. There can be a possible extension request up to five (5) business days.
Once all the information requested is collected, the Village of Green Oaks will notify the requester.

Fee Requirements
Pursuant to 5 ILCS 140/6 of the FOIA, the Village of Green Oaks “…may charge fees that are reasonably calculated to reimburse its actual cost for reproducing and certifying public records…”
A copy fee of $.15 per page will be applied by the Village of Green Oaks if the records requested exceeds 50 pages.

Can my request be denied?
If a request is denied, the requester may request review within 60 days of denial of a request with the Illinois Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor.