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The Village Oak Leaf Newsletter Summer Edition has been relaeased! Take some time and read it NOW! 

Oak Leaf Newsletter Summer Summer Edition

    August is National Back to School Month!

    Transportation Safety Tips for Students:

    • Always walk in groups
    • Know the safest & most direct route
    • Cross the street in a designated crosswalk
    • ALWAYS look both ways before crossing the street (look left, right, left and proceed)
    • Never accept rides or gifts from strangers
    • Stay off phones while driving to school

    School & Classroom Safety Tips for Students:

    • Choose the correct backpack (fit, safety, comfortability)
    • Backpacks should never weigh more than 5% – 10% of child’s body weight
    • Listen to the teachers, administrators, and all other school staff
    • Be courteous and quiet so everyone can work
    • Clean up after yourself and peers
    • Come prepared to learn everyday

    Public Safety Town Hall Meeting

    Thank you to all the residents who attended in-person and virtually. Bellow is a link to view the presentation

    Public Safety Town Hall Meeting Video

    Pictured: Mayor Wysocki, Village Admin Denise Kafkis, Trustee Griffin, Trustee Furlong, and Trustee Sellami

    Not Pictured (Virtual Attendance): Trustee Wagener, Trustee Sugrue, and Trustee Glogovsky

    Pictured: Deputy Sheriff Fancis Foy

    GROOT Rate Increase Effective January 1, 2022

    Service Level Option Pricing & Description

    Residents have several service level options to choose from. All options include unlimited recycling, described in this guide.

    Service Description

    2022 Rate

    (Effective Jan. 1, 2022)

    2021 Rate
    Curb Unlimited Service $25.36 $24.38
    Senior Unlimited Service $22.82 $21.94
    Curb Limited Service $21.41 $20.59
    Senior Curb Limited Service $19.27 $18.53
    Recycling Only Service $7.33 $7.05
    Refuse Collection Tag $3.57 $3.43
    Landscape Waste Annual Subscription $155.00 $150.00
    Landscape Waste Collection Tag $2.60 $2.55
    Fall Leaf Collection No Charge No Charge


    Curb Unlimited Service

    • Unlimited collection of regular refuse in bags or containers of residents choice.

    Curb Limited Service

    • All materials must be placed in a 95 gallon covered container, provided by hauler. Additional materials may be placed in a bag or container (32 gals. Or less) and affix with a pre-paid tag.

    Tag Service

    • Resident must purchase tags locally and affix them to all refuse bags or containers. Bags and containers may be no more than 32 gallons.