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Potential Special Service Area #14 (Water)

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Trustee John Wagener ([email protected]) or

Village Engineer Ben Metzler ([email protected])


What is a Special Service Area?

It is a long-term finance tool which can be utilized to fund infrastructure projects for a group of benefitted properties.

General Formation Process

Establish interests within a group of contiguous lots

Propose SSA Ordinance (Village Board) and schedule a public hearing along with the notice

Public Hearing is held to explain the scope of the project, costs and a timeline

After the Public Hearing there is a 60 day comment period. This period entitles residents who are located in the proposed SSA to opt out and object to the creation.

– If more than 51% of registered voters AND individual lots object, the SSA is defeated/will not be created.

– This SSA cannot be re-established for another 2 years

– If the objection criteria is not met, the SSA can be created by the Village Board via an ordinance.

After the ordinance is passed, the project plans will be publicly bidded out to various contractors. The lowest bidder will be awarded the project and the construction can begin.

Residents can, but dont have to connect to the city water. If the resident chooses to connect, a building permit  must be obtained from the Village. The resident will then need a certified plumber to connect to the city water.

Project Costs

The Special Service area will facilitate the extension of public infrastructure to the edge of your property. The costs discussed herein will cover installation of a new water or sewer main and a service stud which terminates at your property line. Upon completion of the project, you will be responsible for costs to install your private service, including connection fees and contracting with a plumber/contractor to install the service piping.

1. Cost for Public Improvements (potential SSA 14): $45,000 – $50,000

Yearly Payment Scenarios

Per Lot Share

Interest Rate












2. Costs Paid at the Time of Connection (above and beyond SSA Per Lot Share Costs)

After the water main/sanitary sewer improvements are complete within the right of way, SSA participants can connect to the new mains. There are two components to the private service connection: Connection/permit fees and service installation costs.

Connection and Permit Fees


Village of Green Oaks


Village of Libertyville


Lake County Public Works


Permit Inspection






Village of Green Oaks




Permit Inspection




Private service installation cost is dependent on the length of the service and plumbing configuration for each house. Costs will generally be in the range of $7,000 to $15,000, but can be greater. For water connections, if the well will be kept for lawn watering purposes, a dual check valve/RPZ must be installed (approximately $700).

In total, the private connection cost will be an additional $15,000 – $25,000 depending on the length and location of the service. During design, the Village works with SSA participants to identify a preferred location for the water/sewer service stub. During previous SSA’s, multiple homeowners would work on a “group-buy” and hire one contractor to reduce costs.

Connection to the water/sewer system is not required as part of an SSA. The only conditions under which connection is required is failure of a well or septic system. If you are part of an SSA, you can continue to use your well and septic until failure. The Village does not mandate connection by a date or timeframe.


The SSA establishment process typically takes 4 months at a minimum. After establishment, the project is designed and competitively bid, a process that takes approximately 3-5 months (depending on the size of the project). The contract award process and bond sale takes 2 months, and construction will last 3-6 months (again, depending on scale of the project).