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As of 8/18/2022

The roadway improvements associated with the SSA 13 service area are scheduled to begin on Monday, August 22nd. A crew will also be onsite Friday, August 19th performing prep work for the upcoming pulverization process. The roadway improvements will consist of pulverization and cement stabilization of the roadway base, installation of a new paved roadway, driveway apron removal and replacement and installation of a two-foot-wide aggregate shoulder along the roadway’s edge. The duration of this work will be approximately two weeks. Dust, noise, and minor traffic inconveniences are inherent to the construction process.  We appreciate your patience and understanding while we complete this work.

If you have any questions, please contact the Village at 847-362-5363. Thank you for your patience during the construction process.


If you didn’t attend the SSA #13 homeowner presentation, please see below!

SSA #13 Homeowner Presentation